Our Story

We are a locally owned and operated business with Brad and Jess both Townsville locals who are committed to growing powerlifting and strongman in North Queensland.

We started our journey with Valhalla in 2016 after identifying that we needed a place where we could train with our team of friends specifically for powerlifting and strongman. Since then we have endeavoured to foster a positive community that welcomes newbies to our strength sports.

As competitors ourselves we understand the importance of a quality training facility, with the right environment and the right people. This also means that when it comes to running comps we know how to put the competitor first and we try to bring quality strength events to the community with our sister company NQ HEAVY EVENTS, where we host comps, workshops and seminars year round. Keep up to date with our events via Facebook.

We love sharing our passion for powerlifting and strongman, here is a little about our interests as individuals in strength sport and our achievements:

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Brad – Strongman

With over a decade of experience in the fitness industry, Brad’s passion lies with Strongman. Brad organises and manages a wide variety of strength events in the community as well as being head coach at Valhalla. His experience in Strongman and Powerlifting combined with an impressive knowledge of anatomy and physiology allows Brad to tailor training to suit the individual and overcome perceived barriers to participating in strength sport. He is currently furthering his knowledge and studying a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science at CQU.

You can often see Brad both running and competing in our local Strongman events as well as competing in a variety of other Strongman comps in Australia. Brad has been successful in placing in a number of comps in the 105kg category, including Brisbane’s Strongest Man 2022; Townsville’s Strongest 2019/2021 and Sticks & Stones 2022.

Jess – Powerlifter

Jess holds a number of Global Powerlifting Committee (GPC) national and world records in the under 48kg class and has enjoyed Strongman competitions in her off season – this has included Static Monsters where she often ranks in the top 5 globally.

Check out her rankings on Static Monsters and Open Powerlifting.

Jess started her journey in powerlifting to allow her a healthy approach to setting physical health goals that was not focused on looks but on effort and strength. As a clinical psychologist Jess can appreciate the importance of a healthy mindset and psychological approach to training, she also occasionally shares some of her insights on her blog.

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